Eurotrans Scania skin


EuroTrans skin for our VTC.
Company skin for EuroTrans, feel free to join our company at, we will supply you with own truck number
and your name at the doors 😛
Freddy J.

Author: ets2skins


3 thoughts on “Eurotrans Scania skin

  1. whant to be the first here to thank per_dk toft_N and freddy j for this awsome skin and for my whery own skin with name and number you guys are great keep em comming

  2. Will you please make one skin with no number (22)
    Thank you
    I lookt at your site but I have no facebook so I have to do the request true here.

  3. can I get A mail adress to mail my request?
    I don`t have and want facebook.
    But I like your works

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