Eurotunnel Edit v 1.0

Eurotunnel-3 Eurotunnel-2 Eurotunnel-1

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Version 1.23 (guess will work in older versions)
New car
Advertising signs
Police in control

Respect link

Author: .SrqN.


11 Responses to Eurotunnel Edit v 1.0

  1. shairan says:

    do you need to create a new account?

  2. reinaldo says:

    Very ….. show was super top,,,, Congratulations …..

  3. krisscania says:

    Do you add immigrants to this mod?

    • Piratxxx11 says:

      Stupid…really stupid question!! Dont politics in ETS!! KID

  4. Adrian G. says:

    Excellent tunnel modification, true to the original and still better than it is. Politics however don’t belong on this site, they are stupid.

  5. WangeloITA says:

    This works on promods map?

  6. Adrian G. says:

    At the moment, no, it crashes with Promods, a fix or patch would be needed. It might work on other maps that aren’t like Promods, but haven’t tested them yet. Also I can’t yet confirm if it works on older than 1.23x versions of the game.

  7. Adrian G. says:

    P.S. Adding to my previous reply, this modification works well, at least on the vanilla map, will test it soon on Promods under a different profile.

    Seems O.K. at the moment, no bugs when driving there and none when leaving it.

    • Adrian G. says:

      Promods have released a patch for ETS 2 1.23x, so in theory this should work as well. For the moment I confirm normal functions on the older 1.22.8s version with vanilla stock map.

      I’ll let you know as soon as I finish testing it under Promods both on the older and newer edition.

  8. Adrian G. says:

    P.S. The newest patch is compatible with the Euro Tunnel modification both on Promods and vanilla stock map, as far as I know, if you have good graphics and a solid PC performance, there are no limits for either of them and you will get those FPS’ higher.

    Depending on the mods load order, correct functions aren’t garanteed if the map files are loaded differently than already included in the downloaded zip files with instructions.
    So enjoy in the Euro Tunnel and don’t worry about anything else.

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