Everything is free mod (Incl. No police) v 1.1


– Every jobs are open
– Cancelling a job is free
– No penalties if cargo is damaged.
– Every garage (and upgrade) is free
– No productivity plans
– Hired drivers don’t cause any costs
– No delivery overtimes
– Longer time to complete jobs
– Selling a truck gives 100% price back
– Every loans are interest free and payback time is 5000 months (so it´s “free”)
– Your money can be in negative 50 000 game days (so it´s “endless”)
– You doesn’t get any fines (NO POLICES)

New in 1.1 version:
– Ferries and trains are now free

Author: Maximate


4 thoughts on “Everything is free mod (Incl. No police) v 1.1

  1. loced?

  2. Does It Work On Steam Beta v1.14.0.3

    1. It should work, but I don’t have 100% sure.

  3. gabrielius


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