Everything Unlocked v 1.12

What is the point of the mod?
Having levels on truck accessories is pointless because if you are in a real life situation you can just head to the dealer and buy a truck with whatever chassis, engine, cab configuration you want.

What’s going to be in the mod in the future ?
The mod is compatible with all Standard trucks but I will be starting to add compatibility to other modded trucks!

Changelog V1.0.2 -> V1.12
-Adapted to V1.30x
-Recreated The Mod From A Clean Def File
-Added Compatibility to Scania R & S (New Generation)
-Removed other Compatibilities (Will be recreated in a future update)

I have fully redone the mod, It is based on a new extracted def file from V1.30x

Mod is going to be updated for every game update or dlc that is to come out !

Kacperth Workshop


15 thoughts on “Everything Unlocked v 1.12

  1. Password?

    1. Protected for a reason

  2. fffentagin

    hello, what is the password?

  3. Pallab kumar dash


  4. “Password” is not needed, it works without the file being unlocked.
    It is protected so someone doesn’t decide to copy and paste my work and mark it as his.

    1. You have no clue how it works, do you? It NEEDS the password to decrypt it. #### you.

  5. Wow, you are give Support for Thiefs and Modhacker…
    You blame the Community… 🙁


  7. how to use this mod? does not have a scs, noob here so if someone can direct me?

  8. Hi Buddy!
    Would you please explain how to use this mod ? Besides it can be decompressed for obvious reason, there is no way to interact with it since its protected. Can you explain then how to get it working ?
    Thanks !

  9. Fullo2017

    Hey guys,just put the zip file directly in the mod folder.I did that with a mod in ATS and worked fine.

  10. Niki Brezova

    Hi, followed the instructions, the mod is shown as active, but things are still locked? Any idea where I went wrong?

    1. It does not work, is why. He has no idea how to mod, and probably just wants hits on that mod to increase his rating at whatever dull drudge upload site he is membered to.

  11. Usually, a password is the website at which the rar or zip was found. for example, scssoft.forum.com. Other times it is the so-called maker’s name, or “team” he builds for. In this case, it is a waste of time, because it unlocks fricking nothing. And just because you wasted my time, the password is: forum.scssoft.com

  12. It’s unlocking only accessories and paints. Actually i don’t care about accessories. I need to unlock #### chassis.

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