Everything unlocked


Small standalone mod by all parts and trucks are directly accessible from the start

Author: Lamandus


14 thoughts on “Everything unlocked

  1. So what forces me to play the game then? With this mod you can just borrow money from bank and you have everything.

    1. You wouldn’t say that if you had more profiles. My main one was on lv 50 months ago. But when you want to play with different mod (different map mod per se), you have to start from zero. At first it might even be interesting, but in time you feel bothered by starting all over again for n-th time.

      But if that’s not the case, then I fully agree with you. I only think that after 200+k km, I don’t have to unlock things only for a profile getting broken.

    2. Yeah, right...

      So, what foces you to download and use this mod then?

  2. NON_Steam_PLAYER

    i finish my game at 60hours of playing! …….it does’nt matter if is unlocked or not! ….if you like you play! …….now i have 252hours played, even my workers have rating 10 (maxim)!!!!! ….but i never tired of playing, …and i will never start other profil!!!!! ……GOOD MOD!!!

  3. Good mod but too extreme

  4. TruckSimFan

    This is good for testing mods…

    1. NON_Steam_PLAYER

      thats very true! 🙂

  5. yep good stuff thanks will come in handy …
    If this file is not for you,don’t download …simple because quite a few people appreciate the effort these guys put forward. they could just keep these files to themselves and the likes of the rest of us , miss out.
    Thanks Lamandus

  6. FreeComment

    Hi Guys, in real life everything is unlocked, you only need enough money to buy.
    It seems that some players enjoy more the “game” part than the “simulator” part.
    Both parts are good, but this mod seems more for the “simulator” part.

    Kind regards.

  7. Anonimous comment

    In real life the things are unlocked, you need enough money to buy things, of course, but these things are unlocked.
    IMHO this mod makes more “simulator” than “game” ETS2.

  8. so, do you or do you not have to make a new profile?

  9. Something

    yeah i dont think this worked……

  10. generally_really

    it’s only for a player who want instant access to try or bought a new car or anything without wasting the time, but for the real trucker simulator, just leave this mod.

    and me, i just curious about the other truck, so i take this mod, buy any of the truck, drive it, when i know about that i will play from zero.

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