Example Skin for DAF XG/XG+

Example Skin DAF 2021

Mod by Wendy68

Tested on:
ETS 2 Ver.: 1.41.x

Ready for DAF XG/XG+ Painted Parts by Winchester1979.




7 thoughts on “Example Skin for DAF XG/XG+

  1. Hi, I painted the grill but i think its not located right. The grill stayes white.

    1. Robert Kováčik

      because you need mod for it, it isnt supported by the DLC yet

    2. Color the Whole Template for the grill.

  2. Yes i use the painted parts mod but grill won’t work properly 😉

    1. Collor the complete Grill-Template and it will works.

  3. Robert Kováčik

    Hey, can you please send me link for the XML file for the mods studio? im trying to do one skin rn but i dont have XML and cant find it anywhere

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