Excavator with extended width 2990 mm


Standard overall width of the excavator. Crawler tracks overhang off the side of the drop-deck trailer (it is now 2990 mm, wider than the trailer width). Includes new collision model to match the new width.

The drop-deck trailer is still the standard width but the “caution boards” (red and white striped warning sign) have been moved out to match the new wider width of the excavator.

All credits to pete379jp


5 thoughts on “Excavator with extended width 2990 mm

  1. new model without log-wanrings, or reuplpoad of the old excavator 2990 mod?

  2. [CHANGE LOG] Nov 04, 2013

  3. Plz mod trailer CATD7H

  4. Working on 1.7.0s

  5. This is copied from SCS forum, which was itself copied from first time it was uploaded here (they used my comment as the description).

    Round and round we go.

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