Exhaust Smoke for Volvo FH16 2012

Exhaust-Smoke-2 Exhaust-Smoke-1

Exhaust Smoke for Volvo FH16 2012
With this mod your game becomes more realistic
Compatible with all DLC & ProMods & TSM Maps
Game Versions: 1.24x, 1.23x, 1.22x

Tested: 1.24x, 1.23x, 1.22x

Author: Samo


5 Responses to Exhaust Smoke for Volvo FH16 2012

  1. zoso says:

    Why you smart? convert mod with a blender does not mean that you are the author.
    the original author is Ghostlord
    if you are a proper person add the appropriate credits

    • Adamisch says:

      well you know Samo. He does everything to get money out of dumb people who don´t know the real credits unfortunatelly

      • ghostlord says:

        my mod is not compatible with 1.24 version game
        he was only optimize my mod for version 1.24

        • zoso says:

          What has optimized?
          I use your version and it works perfectly for 1.24.x.x
          if that is the right not to use the credits
          for me NO

      • zoso says:

        These people have no respect for the community and for the forum ets2.lt
        and many modders disappear
        in Euro truck simulator 2 ITALIAN FORUM
        they would already have thrown out

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