Exhausts for Trucks v 1.6 by Nico2k4


What’s new:

– Added support to:
– Renault Magnum AE 1990 by CyrusTheVirus
– Scania R & T – 4-series by RJL
– Reworked definitions for Scania R & T by RJL and added the ability to use selected badges and emblems for slots on front and rear of cabin, rear bumper, mirror and airhose.
– Few small fixes.

You can find them in exhaust left and right.
Tested on – works fine on older versions.
Full list of supported trucks in “info.txt”.

Have Fun!

SCS, Drivter, Nico2k4


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4 thoughts on “Exhausts for Trucks v 1.6 by Nico2k4

  1. nice, haven’t usedit for a while asthe badges were upsidedown on the rightside, looks like it ok on that picture so i have a go

    1. In left sideskirts emblem & badges are OK on the right sideskirts are upsidedown.
      Yes slots set by RJL.
      Scania R & Streamline by SCS emblems & badges are also upside down.
      How do I find the time to make a rotated version of the emblems and badges.

      1. I apologize in advance but this is your mod puts fps.It will be nice if you optimized it

      2. JohnnyBoy59

        If you use the Mighty Griffin pack then it right, if you don’t use the Mighty Griffin pack the becomes upside down 😉

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