Extended Garage v2.0.4

Unfortunately, I had to remove the small garage because there were too many errors in the game and in Blender when calculating the small garage. I also don’t get enough information about where these errors come from.
Sorry for that.

Added company signs to garages (textures and models can be changed by using submods.)
– models for company signs are located in model\dlux
– bigsign
– officelogo

Textures for company signs are located in material\dlux
– biglogo.dds
– biglogo_nrm.dds
– smalllogo.dds

slightly changes to some models and textures
had to remove some workers because there is maybe a restriction of using too many hookups.

Version 2.0.4
– fixed a hookup that placed a truck + trailer at the last garage entry that causes collision problems in some cases.



One thought on “Extended Garage v2.0.4

  1. I skin the logo’s #### the logo on the street is glitched

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