Extended Sunshield for Next Gen Scania

Tested on 1.30…

Just decided to throw this up. Something I did really quick so its not top quality but anyways. Here it is. Enjoy. Let me know what I can do better with it, any tip is appreciated:)



7 Responses to Extended Sunshield for Next Gen Scania

  1. Robin says:

    Sick dude! Can you make one with Orange LEDs?

  2. Wenny says:

    please fix for yellow warning

  3. Rene Marx says:

    eine Template noch mit rein machen das mann die sonnenblende noch umskinnen kann

  4. Henkie says:

    Very nice can you make one with orange lights too plz!

  5. ben says:

    lien mort

  6. Shahzad Khan says:

    Hi friends I’m Shahzad Khan

  7. Shahzad Khan says:

    Nice game

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