Extra Tablets all truck


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Hi, this is a mod for additional signs



11 Responses to Extra Tablets all truck

  1. Lucas95 says:

    Video is privat (!)

  2. roadrunner1981 says:

    Is the front bar at the bottom private or is is public somewhere please?

  3. Stratulat Stefan says:

    It works with Mercedes tuning v3.0 /

  4. Diablo says:

    I do not know you need to check

  5. roadrunner1981 says:

    Thanks for writing back, Ive got the 8×4 truck i just wondered about the bumper that was all lol, but thanks anyway m8 keep up the wicked work m8

    • Alex74Yt says:

      Hi roadrunner It’s one version of Mercedes New Actros MP4 SLT

  6. texasman says:

    no need for benz

  7. maarten willem says:

    iam not interested in private mods ! keep your private mods in your own little house enjouy your own little mod and play alone in your own private world!!! but please! dont. post because this is a open community and we share here beautiful work of people .we are not waiting for nerds who build private work and want comment of this community. please do me a favor.. iam tired of all those people with their private mods videos and so on …….go to the moon and stay there!!! greetings from an private #######!

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