Extreme Colombia Map by MAPZORROCOL v 2.1.1 (1.31.x)

Changelog 2.1.1 :
-Fixed error that when starting the game with the map this did not load and closed the game with some players, thanks for the reports
-New cities
-Added new roads
-Fixed other errors

Standalone map of Colombia that includes extreme routes with dangerous curves, ups and downs that you will feel you are in Colombia!
This is a project that I have experienced and is still in development, that will soon have many improvements, new cities and more!

Visit my YouTube channel to follow this great project:

Extract the .rar and you will find a file, place it in the mod folder of ETS2, in the game select the map and change the module to mapzorrocol.mbd and play!

Being a standalone map, it is not compatible with other maps

You require all expansion DLCs (Italy, France, Scandinavia and Going East)

Enjoy the mod! and greetings from Colombia!

El Zorro


10 Responses to Extreme Colombia Map by MAPZORROCOL v 2.1.1 (1.31.x)

  1. Burak says:

    map have error

  2. Xero_J says:

    No funciona se crashea el juego; your map does not work the game closes

  3. Burak says:

    a quien dijiste xero

  4. trzpro says:

    I have opened new profile but Game can’t load the map. It says “saved game can’t loaded”

  5. KLATOSSS says:


  6. Daniel Rojas says:

    El link está caido 🙁

  7. Stephen Butler says:

    It is impossible to get to this file because of repeated and unwanted advert pages. You say, well, if you want to download this file you’ll have to have these adverts because I want to make money. I would sooner you ripped this mod from the face of the Earth than have to sit through another advert, merely to try and download a mod which, as you can see from the above comments, is hardly worth it.

  8. sergio amdres rico hernandez says:

    me sirvio

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