Extreme Long Trailer for multiplayer

This mod is compatible with any trailer package
Trailers will change and become very long
Mod For multiplayer
Tested on 1.30.x.x
Work with all DLC’s
**Extract “Extreme Long Trailer For multiplayer”
**Then put the folder into Documents > ETS2 > mod
Please don’t reupload without author’s link.
Have fun with playing ?



6 thoughts on “Extreme Long Trailer for multiplayer

  1. GO DADDY GO!!!

    TruckersMP will kick you if you use doubles outside of Scandinavia DLC. -_-

  2. Vforvlive

    Using double trailers outside of Scandinavia is reason for BAN my friend!
    Next time read the Mp rules before uploading things like that!
    Have a nice for using this!!!

  3. this trailer are in scandinavia dlc only, also trcukersmp willkick you if u enter multiplayer with mods

  4. Extreme Long Trailer? Comeon

  5. TheGreenlightTrucker

    No one need a Mod like this 😉

  6. yokiller_dudeYT

    u will get banned for this !1 Out of Scandinavia u cant drive with them or u will get banned

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