Extreme Map BETA

Extreme-Map-BETA-1 Extreme-Map-BETA-2

– Copy map.scs and base.zip in folder mod
– Run the game
– New profile
– Activate base.zip and map.scs

Author: Narcis-Gabriel


57 thoughts on “Extreme Map BETA

  1. video??

    1. narcis1014

      Sorry I don’t have soo many time to do a video try it, have only 6 mb in arhive

  2. Hello. Compatible with what maps please? Thanks.

    1. narcis1014

      is standalone

  3. Is not compatible with another maps. I tested that map and is great. Don’t forget that is a BETA MAP

    1. narcis1014

      Thx a lot it mean very much for me 🙂

  4. vlad_ivzh

    it looks fake

    1. narcis1014

      what? try it but follow the instruction

  5. Еб…,такая Ху…ня!Куча не доделок.Подъебон.

    1. narcis1014

      i can’t understand

      1. scania164lfan

        My too

        1. I do not either

      2. jonh truckerman

        alexsey quarrels narcis1014 in russian launage and says bad words

  6. scania164lfan

    I think it’s a big joke :d

    1. narcis1014

      you download it?
      there are some picture and info …but in romanian https://www.facebook.com/ets2romania

  7. It’s fake… Atleast i drove 1 our around the erea of Praha and Wroclaw and din’t find ennyting difrent.
    I start looking here because those photo’s let me think about east europa. But I can’t find new or stuf that is diffrent. Mayby I search in the wrong area…
    He changet something like the map and the loading screens

    1. Yes i did 100%

      1. I apologize, You need put a thingy in place of europe on map something but dind’t saw it :$

        1. narcis1014

          I forget to mention but i think it was normal to swich from europe on map1.mdb

  8. joe_alker

    Actually all the files are there, he seems to have put everything there. Just what game version is it for?

    1. narcis1014

      1.9.24 and 1.10

  9. All map in 6 MB?

    1. narcis1014

      It funny but in winrar 100mb=5mb

  10. anyone know if this map works? :O

    1. narcis1014

      It works with 1.9.24 and 1.10

  11. it’s working great on v1.10.1 but totally it’s a small map..pls increase more cities on upcoming version

    1. narcis1014

      Thx for you download the map… is a beta version in 2-3 days will come another version with 1000-2000km in plus

  12. Works on 1.10…. Driven one road and nothing extreme unless ya mean making ya fall asleep… Got one bloke with cam filming car tractor crash accross road… Cows crossing road… But basic small map with about 10 towns…. Will drive rest of roads then back to normal game

    1. narcis1014

      If I made it very extreme i mean all map nobody will download it…because it too…i don’t know…there is it some extreme thing if you search for it…

      1. narcis1014

        You can look here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7G2eu6M8eU it’s just a simple road, maybe i give it a wrong name but…if you observe is more like a country map

  13. Ah ok bumpy road….

  14. Would want a small extreme map….

  15. silviu002

    buna treab narcis !!

    1. narcis1014

      mersi silviu

    1. narcis1014

      Just a part of map 🙂

  16. That is good… Only drven one road… Explore map tomorrow…. Prob be looking forward to next version

  17. Very nice map!! I enjoyed from the first minute when I play this

    1. narcis1014


  18. thx for sharing

    🙂 The screenshot is wrote “Exterme”

    when pressing [M] key, I see the roads of entire Europe over, what seems, only over Czek


    1. narcis1014

      please follow the instruction

  19. can you put photos and video?


  20. Tried most of map.. Good stuff but game crashed when quick trip to garage in far eastern town on map… Shall wait for next one… More petrol stations needed.. Prefer in cities rather than middle of nowhere

    1. narcis1014

      version 0.2 of this map will come in two days

  21. Will The New Version Work On Steam v1.11+?

    1. narcis1014


  22. ghost-truck

    yeh very good strat Mr good luck

    1. narcis1014

      thx a lot

  23. no es jugable:tiene muchos bugs cuando agarras un trabajo,en las salidas y entradas,sin embargo lo e logrado jugar y esta muy bueno el mapa

    por favor arregla los bugs

    1. narcis1014

      i really don’t understand but i know it had a lot of bugs just wait two days and the bugs will gone

  24. o porcarie de harta este un cretin care nu stie sa faca absolut nimica pisamas de sus pe el sa ma pis si pe harta lui

    1. narcis1014

      Foarte frumos…stii ca prima parere se formeaza dupa primul comentariu…nu? Deci tu habar nu ai ce e aia versiunea beta si habar nu ai cum sa pui harta, asa-i?

  25. farhan ramadhan

    does this work if I went on old game

  26. does it works on v1.9.2.2 going east?

    1. narcis1014

      Must to work…I’m sure..just try it

  27. Does it work on 1.11

    1. narcis1014

      not yet
      This is just v0.1 beta

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