Extreme Physics


This Mod changes most of the major physics to suit many other Mods which need an truck with this kind of physics. Every physic Mod is different and you need to test them to make sure that you like them. If you email me, a custom physics Mod can be made with customization to the physics that you want to change and keep. Tested on 1.14.X

Author: MasterMods


6 Responses to Extreme Physics

  1. Jérémy says:

    Video please

  2. UmitZorlu says:

    I will contact you by e-mail address associated with physical mode transaxle?

  3. Géb says:

    (y) Videoo, please.

  4. aleksey says:

    игра вылетает-v_1.14.2

  5. CJ says:

    not working !!!

  6. Nayem says:

    I need to disable the physics mode. Please tell me how can I disable this. [email protected]

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