Extreme Realistic Reshade Graphic Mod

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I proudly present my first graphic mod.
If youre interested in most realistic lighting and graphic in this game just install my preset.

1. Download and install the newest version of Reshade setup.
2. Download and copy paste shaders-textures pack in your game directory. (If Reshade setup not downoading it automatically.)
3. Download my preset ini file and put it in your game directory, too.
4. In game choose my preset in the Reshade console
5. Deactivate graphic options like in picture
5. Enjoy

For best results i highly recommend using it with the next gen graphic mod 1.1 and liushun weathermod you found on https://ets2.lt/en/



30 Responses to Extreme Realistic Reshade Graphic Mod

  1. Mc2RoK says:

    heres author of this mod. additionally info.
    mod priority is: first liushun weather mod
    then next gen graphic mod. also important is to download all shaders and textures for reshade. not only some…

  2. TheGreenlightTrucker says:

    It don’t look’s real 😉

    • Mc2RoK says:

      then please continue playin a comic game.
      at daytime its bright like this.

      • TheGreenlightTrucker says:

        No, I have the grapic mod by piva. That’s great.
        & original isn’t a comic game 😉

    • gesichtsruderboot says:

      it dont sound s grammar

      • TheGreenlightTrucker says:

        Sagt der richtige. Wenigstens hab’ ich nur einen Account 😉

  3. Roadhunter says:

    Real ??? lol Seriously change your glasses lool

  4. TRUCKER says:

    “Extreme” and “Realistic” – how is that ?!
    You really see the world around like this ?!!

    • Mc2RoK says:

      i dont know what you mean. at daytime it is bright like this.
      most lightings of the game or in other mods seem like they have zero lighting at daytime. most look like a comic to me.

    • gesichtsruderboot says:

      cocaine is a hell of a drug

  5. I'msoafraidofautism says:

    Can you ensure that this doesn’t cause autism?
    cause it looks pretty autistic

  6. Sumthong says:

    its even screenshotted its taken with phone

  7. gesichtsruderboot says:

    this looks like ####### a goat in a burning car while beein on acid

  8. gesichtsbeigeschmack says:

    is this real or a game???!!!i cant tell the difference

  9. superaids says:

    this is like beeing raped in a public toilet.some may enjoy it , but afterwards ur pretty sure u have aids

  10. englishtruckin says:

    pretty realistic. i like it.

  11. игорь says:

    жесть то какая а не графика

  12. pucho 67 says:

    el mod parece star bien,si quieres quemarte los ojos con ese brilo

  13. Wilton says:

    If you see the world like this, better to go to a doctor, euro truck 2 needs and more color, it bluer blue these things not that clarity every brother.Makes one with a beautiful and vibrant color please.

  14. hi says:

    looking pretty unrealistic.. i can recommend NEXT GEN graphics mod or the reshade of croside (reshade) working for mp too)

  15. Anthony Perry says:

    Worst graphics mod ive ever seen in 8 yrs in the community

  16. DavidR says:

    Well, if you want your ETS2 to look a complete blurry mess, this is the one to use.

  17. FreD_ says:

    Looks like Comic Mod xD

  18. Gesichtshandundfuß says:


  19. Gesichtsfreilandei says:

    Gibts eigentlich auch ne realistic poop mod?weil man ja unter enormen Zeitdruck steht kann man ja nicht anhalten um aufs Klo zu gehn also kackt man sich in die Hand und wirft den schiss aus dem fenster

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