F.S.C.Star 200


Star 200 Polish legend Truck
Max speed: 90 km/h
Fuel: 150 L
Replace: Scania
Tested in: 1.8.x versions

Authors: Scenerio, Kuba 141, Ekualizer, Orzech ,Paffalek ,GLAM21


12 thoughts on “F.S.C.Star 200

  1. DrunkDriver

    Can it tow any kind of trailer?

  2. I seen a few of these being used in the outback in australia for hauling 3 semi’s on front it had road train along with rear of last semi mainely they were used for hauling kangaroo’s and xxxx

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      lol how long ago was this?

      Never even seen one of these in oz, let alone as a road train setup, I call bullshit on that one.

  3. Threassaw

    one can not drive at all, which always remains on the same spot available. at first I thought the motor is too weak, but now I think the transmission has a fault … how can I fix it? I only drive automatic

    1. Nicolai Orlov

      The problem is this truck has only manual gearbox. Try to change to sequential gearbox in gameplay section of the game settings. You will be able to change gear with Shift and Control. And yes, the engine is too weak.

  4. DrunkDriver

    What I meant to say is,can it tow any kind of trailer
    in game,or is it totally useless?

    1. Yes, there is a small tandem trailer for it but you will have to find it as it is not shown in all companies.

    2. Yes, there is a small tandem trailer for it but you will have to find it in-game as it is not shown in all companies at all time.

  5. no idea try it to find out simplely if you find it no good or not to your taste then delete it from your game

  6. i tryed the truck to start a profile lol bad idea i have a lvl 37 profile so where is truck located at witch dealer only have daf and volvo unlocked as of now i do want the truck though just where is it did have auto gearbox bug too but nothing other than that

    1. cheesedude

      Go to ‘Lille’ in France. There is scania dealer there.

  7. it dont show up in game

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