Facelifted Indian Volvo Bus mod with Skins of Volvo B9R and B11R

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This mod is of Facelifted Volvo buses, 2015 onwards and contains all new Volvo buses of India such as VRL, Asian Xpress, Telsang, Kaveri, Hans, Konduskar and many more awesome new skins!
3 separate mods so that no need to change skins.

Also contains passenger mod to transport passengers.

Tested on versions 1.18 , 1.19, 1.20, 1.21, 1.22 and 1.23.

All instructions to enable the mod inside.

Author: Bus Modders India United


43 thoughts on “Facelifted Indian Volvo Bus mod with Skins of Volvo B9R and B11R

  1. Awesome!!! i cant wait to test this mod

    1. Bus Modders India United


    2. Plzzzzzzzzzz reply will it work

  2. Sahil moradiya

    Kya aap muje indian horn mod banake de sakte ho mere pas indian bus horns ke records he please answer me

    1. Bus Modders India United

      Already bana diya hai, here is the link 🙂

      1. Wow great to see Indian mods and Indian modders. Keep it up guys. Expecting more mods from u In future….

  3. it crashes in ets 2 gold edition pls help guys

  4. Guyzz you jzt rockd nice mods… i hv dwnloaded the facelifted volvo but didnt get that skins of kaveri ksrtc etc… and also i want to make a bus mod.. so please help me guyz how can i make the mod.. i just downloaded the scs blender pls reply me bro

  5. guyss wen are we going to get the scania buses indian versions


  7. SR Pillai

    hi i made a skin for Volvo B9R as a .dds file, can you please review and make that possible to drive with ETS2. expecting your reply

    1. Bus Modders India United

      Hi! Sure, could you please email us your .dds file to [email protected]?

      1. anbu tamilnadu

        sir.how to add bus mode?

  8. Hi,

    Great job guys. I love this game and currently I am playing on the huge mario map. And now with these Indian skins I am loving the game even more.

    But one thing I want to ask. On both the sides of the bus, below the window glass there is a thick black line which starts from front window and ends in the middle window somewhere. What is that line? I have never seen that on any volvo bus so far? And it actually spoils the look to certain extent.

  9. Hi guys,

    Awesome job I must say. I love this game and now with your Indian bus skins I am loving it even more. I am playing on Mario Map.

    However I want to ask u guys one thing. On both the sides of the bus below the window glass, there is a thick black line which starts from front window and ends somewhere at the middle window. What is that for? I have never seen that on any volvo bus so far. It is also spoiling the look to certain extent.

  10. Apoorv Pal

    From videos, the mod looks amazing, but I am facing issues on my sim. Whenever I apply this mod and sasy continue game, ETS2 crashes. Any solution? Please help me out

  11. Guys i cant get the bus in 1.19.2 could any one help me

  12. Need ur help pls!!!

    I’m playing ETS2 with VRL bus mod and all the setting are all set as described by the author, the problem is if i take the passenger and go to the delivering city or via the highway where it goes via city limits the game crashes tried going slow fast nothing worked, if i unload the trailer and leave that job and then continue to city limit then it will work, but in this case i’m unable to do any delivery so far bcoz i cannot go inside the city limit at all. Please let me know what to do..

  13. hi modders its not working with updated version plz update our mod.now iam using v.1.24

  14. hi i have suggestion , you have amaravathi skin for volvo bus , search in google about scania amravathi bus.that bus is a good one and try to make that mod. thank you

  15. Arun Theandrioder

    Can anyone please say me on which country this mod is working??

  16. Neil prince

    please update this mod….

  17. great mod

    only problem i faced is , there are no steering wheels inside version 1.25.can u help in this? n plz add some realistic interior.


  19. Yashwanth K Amin


  20. I have activated this mod exactly same as given in the video. And i also went to volvo delare to buy bus but ….sir, I haven’t seen any of the buses there. Can please help me out with this. How can i get those buses in my game.I also seen tge passengers but no buses. Pls reply me as soon as possible . You can also reply to my id [email protected]

  21. And one more thing can you make this mod for the higher version of ets2 like 1.25 and 1.26

  22. Akshay Tripathi

    Dude it would be great if you can provide the compatibility with 1.25 or 1.26…

  23. Anshul Bhardwaj

    My steering is not moving,bus is driving fine but steering is fixed and not rotating.

  24. Can u guys post a mod for right hand side interior for volvo buses.

  25. Thanks for this incredible mod.

  26. Why my Steering Wheel is not working in same mod
    I m using ets 2 v 1.26 ??

  27. Any mod available for

  28. This mod will support to version 1.25?

  29. how to keep indian horn to bus in ets 2 i have to customise but it is not there for bus it is there for truck. how to keep indian horn to bus please help me.

  30. Its crashing in ets 2 v 1.27
    any solutions please?

  31. Arunagiri

    ⭕⭕⭕❎❎❎Guysssss pls pls pls any one help me. I cannot find Stearing wheel inside it pls help me any one pls pls pls

  32. I am Playing

  33. Ashish SINGH


  34. BernardWolf

    Can you make a bus mod for PRTC (Pepsu Roadways transport corporation) . Punjab and also of haryana Roadways ???. I would really like them …..

  35. Sir/Madam ,I want to play this Indian bus mod. But I don’t know how to download this mod on android mobile phone. Do we have to download ets2 game to play this mod?If so, then how to download ets2 free for android? Can we play this mod without downloading the ets2 game? Please Please please please sir tell me about it because I am a huge fan of it.

  36. Right hand driving bus mod????

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