FAP Old Serbian Truck 1.31.X

FAP-Fabrika Automobila Priboj

Serbian Truck

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Neki Lik


10 Responses to FAP Old Serbian Truck 1.31.X

  1. Cruise says:

    Mod from 2013 !!!

  2. Pampalini says:

    8 mega? Exciting 😀

  3. meow says:

    Yugoslavian, not serbian

  4. Santi says:

    is it standalone?

  5. blobil says:

    Quantity isn’t always a hint for quality. It’s not the best mod, but a good one.
    Standalone …
    It works with some warnings and minor errors (tires, rims, some shadows e.g.) in the log.
    Unfortunately not the original interior

  6. BalkanTrucker says:

    Not working for me!

  7. Bogi76 says:

    got it out of garage to drive it and…

    it couldnt steer and it couldnt move.

    conclusion:Don’t get this mod unless you are modder who can fix the bugs!

  8. Dino says:

    Fabrika Automobila Priboj (FAP) je Jugoslovenska fabrika,koja se nalazi na prostoru Priboja tj. Danas na prostoru Srbije…Al u toj fabrici vecina radnika su bili (Muslimani),i to nikada nece biti Srpski kamion,nit je kad bio… !

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