FAP Old Serbian Truck 1.31.X

FAP-Fabrika Automobila Priboj

Serbian Truck

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Neki Lik


12 thoughts on “FAP Old Serbian Truck 1.31.X

  1. Mod from 2013 !!!

    1. loictournay29


  2. Pampalini

    8 mega? Exciting 😀

  3. Yugoslavian, not serbian

    1. priboj is in serbia what are you talking

      1. But FAP started working in Yugoslavia time.

  4. is it standalone?

  5. Quantity isn’t always a hint for quality. It’s not the best mod, but a good one.
    Standalone …
    It works with some warnings and minor errors (tires, rims, some shadows e.g.) in the log.
    Unfortunately not the original interior

  6. BalkanTrucker

    Not working for me!

  7. got it out of garage to drive it and…

    it couldnt steer and it couldnt move.

    conclusion:Don’t get this mod unless you are modder who can fix the bugs!

  8. Fabrika Automobila Priboj (FAP) je Jugoslovenska fabrika,koja se nalazi na prostoru Priboja tj. Danas na prostoru Srbije…Al u toj fabrici vecina radnika su bili (Muslimani),i to nikada nece biti Srpski kamion,nit je kad bio… !

    1. Aleskije

      ne seri.

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