Fast Level Mod for 1.18.xx


With this mod you can reach higher level much faster you earn 100K points when you park your trailer.



9 Responses to Fast Level Mod for 1.18.xx

  1. opa says:

    What does exactly this mod?

    • BLiNKT says:

      With this mod you reach level faster than normal so when you park trailer you get 100000 XP and than you level up faster

  2. Cgo13 says:

    Isn’t working for me (1.18.1)

    • BLiNKT says:

      This mod is build from latest version..Do you park your trailer?Because only if you park trailer than you get XP

  3. Helmax says:

    Isn’t work for me either.

    Have tried it in my ordinary profile, even started a new profile. Still get 45 ep for parking trailer.

  4. jjay says:

    works on 1.17x?

    • BLiNKT says:

      No only on 1.18 if you want for 1.17 search for my mods there is for 1.17 to

  5. BLiNKT says:

    Now you can visit my facebook page and there download my mods and add request for mods

  6. thibo says:

    this mod is realy good iam 130 in 6 times driving

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