Faw JH6 Truck

Have interior, lightmask and sound 1.27-1.28

LS 3D Team


10 thoughts on “Faw JH6 Truck

  1. Files from 10 Oct 2014!
    Hello, China!

  2. Cruise says: #### MY DIC FAC YOU FAC YOU MADER

  3. because to my game crashed for 1.28….

  4. Old, not standalone, too much problems………
    Too bad, it would be nice to drive this for a change

    1. LS_zining

      I’m the author of this MOD, and I’m sorry, this JH6 is an incomplete MOD

      1. Arthur Vince

        incomplete MOD?? Why you upload this than here on this site? Try to fix it, and than upload the mod after that .. sorry

        1. LS_zining

          This is not what I uploaded. It was uploaded by my friend here. We have more MOD to share with this website

  5. does it work?

  6. Very bad mod!

    1. LS_zining

      This MOD is FAW J5M, which is different from JH6 on the way. I am uploading and sharing my other works

      FAW JH6 video https://www.youtube.com/watch? V=GkHqqrtjnRg&t=109s

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