FAW JH6 v 0.1

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Buy in Mercedes-Benz Dealer
-Mettalic color


China-LS Team



8 thoughts on “FAW JH6 v 0.1

  1. Mr Trucker

    HD test video-https://goo.gl/dgJs55

  2. Full HD Complete test video-https://youtu.be/4K0DJRIONn8

  3. jorgent97

    Hd test…

  4. Ugly truck!#####!

  5. mod Standalone?

  6. watchtheprice

    does it really cost up to 300 000 euros? WHY??
    The maximium price i saw is about 70 000! Ok, 100 !

  7. china ugly truck! oh no….

  8. Echo Papa Hotel

    I can’t make this one work. I have three mods in 1.28 that work, but this one won’t even show up in the mod manager. Any ideas?

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