FAW Liberation J6P

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You can buy it from Scania dealers
It has its own engine sound and horn
There are reversing reminder sound
Support national flag DLC
I wish you happy to play fast
Please do not upload and share again
Version: 1.26.x ~ 1.30.x
Model: Ётs2 – 梓宁 Cнёη
Skin: Li总

Ётs2 – 梓宁 Cнёη、Li总


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3 thoughts on “FAW Liberation J6P

  1. Nice truck.

  2. The ‘rule’ is – make it standalone!!!
    It would be nice to drive this IF it didn’t replace the Scania R, so…
    Please remake it.

  3. I can not find the scs file after unpacking.

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