FedEx Skins for RJL Scania T & Scania T 4 Series

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FedEx Skin for RJL Scania T and Scania T 4 Series :


This skins are available for the RJL Scania T and Scania T 4 Series.


-> To get automatic updates subscribe in the [url=]>>>>> Steam Workshop <<<<<[/url] -> This is my second skin that I make so the skins can have some technical problems in terms of alignment. I analised a lot of real images of FedEx trucks and I made this skins simple, just to stick with the reality.

-> In this pack you have the “general skin” and the german version.

-> You need to have [url=]>>>>> RJL Scania T Mod V2.2.2 <<<<< [/url]. -> If someone whats a personalised skin like this, just ask in the comments.

-> I just as to not reupload this mods in any website and comment what you think about them.

-> This post was inspired by the [url=[/img]DaStig[/url] posts.

Mods in the photos

-> [url=] RJL Scania T Mod V2.2.2 [/url]
-> [url=] Kriistof Pack DLC Krone V1.5 [/url]
-> [url=] DLC Krone Trailer Pack [/url]
->[url=] DLC Michelin Fan Pack [/url]
-> [url=] DLC Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack [/url]


Graphics & skin: [url=[/img]YaaqoqbhPT[/url]
Truck: [url=[/img]RJL[/url]
Technical support : [url=[/img]JellAy [/url] (Thank you mate!!)

You can follow me in :

-> [url=] [b]STEAM[/b] [/url]
-> [url=] Youtube [/url]





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