Ferrari California

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Ferrari California
you can buy in volvo & scania dealers

tested on 1.28

if crashed your profile is have problem
credit: hesoyam
model by: juzzycat

tanks for using our mods.


Hesoyam & juzzycat


14 Responses to Ferrari California

  1. FoxOnTheBox says:

    HD Video tested on 1.28

  2. RebelCopyrights says:

    I Can´t find the car ?!

  3. ETS2 Zocker says:


  4. tigreone says:

    Phantom Of The Opera,

  5. Driver says:

    Finally the first Ferrari for this game has arrived but
    would be nice if i could use this among with other car mods without any errors!
    Now I’m having an Skoda-interieur (without a Skoda-mod, so its up to you to make one) and there are NO rims on the Ferrari and it has a wrong engine (170ps)

    Please fix that!

  6. b00stgames says:

    Video Test HD:

  7. Jan Stotz says:

    Ferrari California ETS 2 MOD Full HD 60 fps test:

  8. MREnglishGamer says:

    HD test video-

  9. Benja | ETS2 Supporter says:

    The car is not in the Volvo Dealership “Sweden Göteborg”

  10. daniel roytman says:

    When i drive it, game crashes

  11. daniel roytman says:

    Also where do we find the ferrari? I cant find it.

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