Ferry Connection for Maps: Promods2.41-Southern Region7.8

This mod add ferry connection between:
Novorossiysk (Russia) and Constanta (Romania) – 9 hours on the way
Novorossiysk and Thessaloniki (Greece) – 16 hours on the way.
Ports Novorossiysk, Constanta and Thessaloniki works both for import and export of goods and cargo.

Set with a higher priority than all maps.
Work with ALL maps-DLC, Promods 2.41 and Southern Region 7.8(for patch 1.35.1.x)

Version ETS2 patch:

Sergey061, dobr4060, Promods Team, Southern Region Team


3 thoughts on “Ferry Connection for Maps: Promods2.41-Southern Region7.8

  1. hallo

  2. Danke sehr!

  3. Nice mod, but again, needs a lot of polishing. Also the truck included needs updating to dx11… its still the same version as the older one… come on. . . these are the differences between promods and maps like this one. Wish modders could focus on polishing before anything else.

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