Ferry ProMods v 2.15


This mod added 9 ferry connection for ProMods 2.15:
– Roscoff – Ventspils
– Gdynia – Torshavn
– Calais – Kirkenes
– Thurso – Kirkenes
– Felixstow – Kardla (Hiiu maakond)
– Kirkenes – Seyðisfjörður (Iceland)
– Vaasa – Hull
– Świnoujście – Seyðisfjörður
– Calais – Seyðisfjörður

In manager mods category “Map” and “Other”.
Tested on version 1.26 with ProMods 2.15

SCS, ProMods Team, SlavikSD


10 Responses to Ferry ProMods v 2.15

  1. Christian Tocco says:


    Would it be possible to also add a ferry connection between Barcelona and Genoa?


    • Slavek says:

      This more difficult. To add new ferry you need to add it in map editor. Author this mod add only connections between now existing ports

    • marjan says:

      please be such a mode for the default map Oslo – Rostock ferry mod need could you make

  2. Slavek says:

    This mod is not real. 0% reality

  3. wegger says:


  4. marjan says:

    please be such a mode for the default map Oslo – Rostock ferry mod need could you make

  5. Jens says:

    Whats the load order for this mod? Before or after Promods 2.15?

    Is it compatible with Rusmap?

  6. Adrian G. says:

    I’ve tested this and it can be placed even above the Project Balkans files in the mods manager, I’m also using a special color mod which brings more life to the map inside ETS 2 and is fully compatible with Promods.

    So the load order should look something like this :

    And above this… Promods 2.15 Ferry mod
    Project Balkans files (if needed)
    PM + Rusmap Road Connection (should be the one from VladzzG), which works with PM 2.15
    Rusmap Map file
    Rusmap Model 2
    Rusmap Model 1
    PM Def
    PM Map
    PM Media
    PM Model 2
    PM Model 1
    PM Assets
    Rusmap def
    SR Map & Def
    SR Model 1
    SR Model 2
    SR Model 3

    Like said before, tested and works perfectly, assuming the PC isn’t too old, it should work on yours as well.

    Happy trucking.

  7. needhelp says:

    Which map i need to download these addons? :/

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