Ferry ProMods v 2.15


This mod added 9 ferry connection for ProMods 2.15:
– Roscoff – Ventspils
– Gdynia – Torshavn
– Calais – Kirkenes
– Thurso – Kirkenes
– Felixstow – Kardla (Hiiu maakond)
– Kirkenes – Seyðisfjörður (Iceland)
– Vaasa – Hull
– Świnoujście – Seyðisfjörður
– Calais – Seyðisfjörður

In manager mods category “Map” and “Other”.
Tested on version 1.26 with ProMods 2.15

SCS, ProMods Team, SlavikSD


10 thoughts on “Ferry ProMods v 2.15

  1. Christian Tocco


    Would it be possible to also add a ferry connection between Barcelona and Genoa?


    1. This more difficult. To add new ferry you need to add it in map editor. Author this mod add only connections between now existing ports

    1. please be such a mode for the default map Oslo – Rostock ferry mod need could you make

  2. This mod is not real. 0% reality

  3. Spasibo!

  4. please be such a mode for the default map Oslo – Rostock ferry mod need could you make

  5. Whats the load order for this mod? Before or after Promods 2.15?

    Is it compatible with Rusmap?

  6. Adrian G.

    I’ve tested this and it can be placed even above the Project Balkans files in the mods manager, I’m also using a special color mod which brings more life to the map inside ETS 2 and is fully compatible with Promods.

    So the load order should look something like this :

    And above this… Promods 2.15 Ferry mod
    Project Balkans files (if needed)
    PM + Rusmap Road Connection (should be the one from VladzzG), which works with PM 2.15
    Rusmap Map file
    Rusmap Model 2
    Rusmap Model 1
    PM Def
    PM Map
    PM Media
    PM Model 2
    PM Model 1
    PM Assets
    Rusmap def
    SR Map & Def
    SR Model 1
    SR Model 2
    SR Model 3

    Like said before, tested and works perfectly, assuming the PC isn’t too old, it should work on yours as well.

    Happy trucking.

  7. Which map i need to download these addons? :/

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