FerryPlus by T0b1 v1.2.1

This mod add 12 new ferry connections.

New in v1.2.1:
Compatibility update for ProMods 2.65

1. Calais – Seyðisfjörður
2. Newcastle upon Tyne – Kristansand
3. Marseille – Aschdod
4. Marseille – Beirut
5. Marseille – Port Said
6. Marseille – Latakia
7. Thessaloniki – Beirut
8. Thessaloniki – Latakia
9. Liepāja – Aschdod
10. Liepāja – Beirut
11. Liepāja – Port Said
12. Liepāja – Latakia

You need the ProMods Map v2.63 or v2.64.
You need the ProMods Milldle-East Add-on v2.63 or v2.64.

If Milldle-East Add-on not used, then only 1. and 2. will work.

Mod order:
FerryPlus by T0b1
ProMods Middle-East Add-on (Def & Map Package)
ProMods Middle-East Add-on (Assets Package)
ProMods Definition Package
ProMods Map Package
ProMods Models Package 1
ProMods Models Package 2
ProMods Models Package 3
ProMods Media Package
ProMods Assets Package



One thought on “FerryPlus by T0b1 v1.2.1

  1. You need the ProMods Map v2.65.
    You need the ProMods Milldle-East Add-on v2.65.

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