FIAT 50 NC V1.1 1.41

Added support Skin Pack

Skinpack dedicated to the Fiat50 mod.

The available skins are:
– Andrea Merzario SA
– Autamarocchi
– Consar Transport
– Contship Italy
– Esperia Group
– Euronord
– Furlog
– Spinelli Group
– Lannutti
– Logtainer
– Paster Trucking
– Strammiello Transport

The skins container and tarpaulin will automatically be visible even on dolly trailers.
Game version 1.41.

Antonio62, skinpack JV


4 thoughts on “FIAT 50 NC V1.1 1.41

  1. AvM Transport



    1. Do you know why this happens? it’s very simple
      because this forum is seen as the evil of the world, perhaps not everyone knows that this is the first most important forum of the ETS game. I can tell you, many download the mods from here and then post them on their forums, for their own interests it is very convenient otherwise they should close them because the users are 4 cats.
      Perhaps my compatriot wants to make himself more important on the SCS forum as he comes from the Italy forum.

  2. Antonio62,sei libero di fare quello che ti pare e voglio dirti che quì ce gente molto rispettabile.
    Caro JV ti ricordo che anche se non sono + sul forum Italia so tutto quello che succede,la skin Spinelli l’avevo gia editata anche sul forum Italia
    e tu continui ad editarla lo sai benissimo che non è corretto,e questa cosa l’avevo fatta notare anche a Baltazar.

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