Fiat 500 Abarth 1.33 Update

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-Skin şablonu
-Kendi sesi
-Kendi yol bilgisayarı
-Turbo göstergesi
-Gerçekçi iç ışıklar
-Ve dahası…

-Skin template
-Own sounds
-Own dashboard
-Turbo indicator
-Realistic interior lights
-And more…

Model: FH3/Turn10 Studio Edit & Convert: Metehan BİLAL


5 Responses to Fiat 500 Abarth 1.33 Update

  1. JGaming HD says:

    Stolen mod

    • Metehan BİLAL says:

      Are still saying this ? Enough. We talked with Azarox Modding at the first version, he understand the difference between his and mine mod. So stop saying “It’s a stolen mod.”. No, It’s ####### not!

  2. Corne says:

    My mod manager doent see the skin only the fiat mod but not the skin

  3. Bodyguardxp says:

    ETS 2 ➡️➡️ FiAT 500 ABARTH [1.33]

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