FIAT 690 v 0.2

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This mod is not finished, but you can play with it…
This mod will be updated ?
– Iveco dealer
– Fixed game crash
Enjoy it!



11 thoughts on “FIAT 690 v 0.2

  1. mehrab rjl 8000

    test video please!!

  2. the right hand drive is original do not change!
    please delete the beds to sleep, delete that kind of steering wheel, if you want to do the mod, get closer to reality .. look at REAL truck videos

    from outside view you see 2 steering wheels.

  3. sorry mi englis ( google translator)
    2 steering !!!

  4. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.34…

  5. So you build the Fiat 690 N3
    But he has no beds which has only beach chairs and there are curtains around it Please make the beds off the u are white and make the steering wheel a bit narrower then it will fit as possible with the original

  6. Sound engine its not real

    1. Filippone

      È una merda

  7. Michael Juchelka

    Please do this …

  8. You+can+visit+this+site+to+look+for+sounds+and+images+

  9. steeltruck


  10. steeltruck

    It’s a beautiful truck but i think there are some things that can be improved, like the fact that this truck is missing the tarpaulin above his caisson and trailer, and some details about the driver’s cabin.
    But i still think that the person who created this truck still did an awesome job.

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