Fiat Doblo 2018


a lot of modification parts
Animated gear
Cabin DLC
and more things

You can buy it in all dealers.
Works on 1.30.x

Emir Bardakçı (trzpro)
Yelkant Modacı (yellow1441)
Furkan Cler
Hüseyin Beşparmak
Sefa Üstün
Berkay Pekesen
Hüseyin Ülken

trzpro, Yelkant Modacı, Hüseyin Beşparmak


Skin template link: DOWNLOAD 2.2 MB

Police Skin: DOWNLOAD 2.2 MB
Taxi Skin: DOWNLOAD 2.2 MB

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18 thoughts on “Fiat Doblo 2018

  1. Automobile Freak YT

    hd test video at…..

    1. HD test video with 60 FPS and speed test [1.30]

    2. HD test video with 60 FPS and speed test [1.30]

  2. Good mod. Can you fix the special skins ? Skin on paint will be better

  3. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  4. HD test video of the Fiat Doblo 2018 with speed test:

  5. what is the password

    1. FordmanGaming

      There isn’t a password. just place the scs file into documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod

  6. AzoraxModdingGaming

    HD Test Video 1080p 1.30:

  7. FordmanGaming

    What order do the parts need to go in the mod manager to get it working?

  8. Animated gear? What does that mean? I don’t notice anything different Where it is?

  9. This mod crashes me when I want to customize it

    1. My email adress is [email protected]

  10. Seif Elbakry

    what’s the password

  11. Beni Oyundan Atıyor bir tek türkiye haritası var bide doblo modu Nedeni nedir ?

    1. ETS2KRALI

      Kardeş benide atıyor çözümünü buldunmu

  12. Your best mod. Can you make Renault Twingo II 1.2 16V 75, 1.2 TCe 100, 1.5 dCi 75 and 90 and 1.6 RS 133 with the RS Decors for this engine please

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