Fiat Ducato for ETS 2

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Wipers Anim
Blinker Anim
Dashboard Anims
Stick Anims
and Automatic transmission gear Anim

Thanks to Huseyin Ulken.

By_KeReMM,Huseyin Ulken


9 thoughts on “Fiat Ducato for ETS 2

  1. HD Video Test ^^^^

  2. HD Video Test 1.26 Upgrade!!!!!

  3. You have to increase the speed of the truck is not more than 3000rpm !!

  4. Can you make a standard interior rather than a modified one, please?

  5. which+truck+dealer+do+you+have+to+visit+to+buy+the+car?

  6. Can u do a stock rims and dlc cab acc support?

  7. Please make it stock, with black plastic and textile, without the ugly steering wheel. Fix the wheels, add stock rims and tires, lift up the suspension and add a template 🙂 That will make the mod the best minibus for Euro Truck Simulator 2 🙂 Please!

  8. No file

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