Fiat Ducato V1

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change log
interior added !
10 kind of wheel and tire added !
5 Kind of Skin
Tamplate for making skin
Credits : Amir_Dvg
special thanks for interior & wheel to :
Huseyin Karadana
Mert Kerem Belen
base model : scs software
tnx for using this mod



29 thoughts on “Fiat Ducato V1

  1. HD Test Video 1.26

    1. thank you so much ❤️

  2. Scooby123

    Standalone is it?

    1. yeah !

      1. Scooby123

        Cool! It works with Skoda?

        1. yeah ! work ?

          1. Scooby123

            That’s cool! Thank you! 😀

      2. Scooby123

        Please fix it:
        * in interior there’s a 2 seats but on the exterior there are 3 seats
        * add newest sound from Sprinter
        * delete all things from Skoda like UK interiors
        * add DLC Cabin 🙂

        1. Yeah! I know them!
          At the v2 this item will fixed?

  3. Is it with trailer??

    1. no !

  4. In the next update will you fix the interior??

    1. yeah ! sure ! ?

  5. I really love your job 🙂 thank you very much!!! The best mod!!
    If you fix the interior it would be perfect!!! 😉

    1. thank you ❤️
      soon i will fix the interior as best as i can ☺️

      1. RayenGaming

        okay thanks 😀

  6. RayenGaming

    cool Fiat Ducato Version 🙂 can you fix the interior ? but this mod is cool 😀

    1. your welcome ❤️
      sure !
      i will fix it soon !

      1. RayenGaming

        ok thanks 😀

  7. cool mod! has template to had enterprise logo in the box?

    1. thank for using this mod ❤️
      yeah ! the template is for you to easily making your favorite paintjob for rear box !

  8. EuroTruckgamer

    When will be finished the V2?

    1. i’m student and i cant work for long time ☹️
      i think at least it will take 1-2 month long ❤️

      1. EuroTruckgamer

        ok 🙂 take it easy

  9. hey hvad er koden så man kan lave skin til den ?? 🙂

  10. When will it be ?

  11. When will it be ????

  12. hvad er koden til bilen såå man kan skinne den ??

  13. dont work

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