Fiat Punto V1R10 [1.35.X]

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Game version: 1.33.X, 1.34.X and 1.35.X
Changelog: 1.35 crash fix
Move that downloaded file to Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mods folder.
That’s it. No need extraction.



6 thoughts on “Fiat Punto V1R10 [1.35.X]

  1. jayontheway228
  2. Y.O.U

    1. Your mods are good buddy I love them

  3. Player man tv

    Fotoğraflar bana ait! HD video

  4. test_dude

    Do you think you can make a Specific rim for this? As well as a 5 door variant for the Grande Punto. I would like to get a car as close as mine in a game. Thanks for replying

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