Fiat Tofaş 124

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Works on 1.31
Animated gear
Some modifications
Toys DLC
Real gauges



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5 thoughts on “Fiat Tofaş 124

  1. Hilalimsin

    Tofaş 124 Hacı Murat- Ets 2 ??

  2. very nice car but need some updates engine speed need to be automatic, place of gps need to be change, it is very nice thanks

  3. Metin Ateş

    lada yazsaydın daha çok indirme alabilirsin 😀

  4. The automatic change does not work, and in manual mode the animated gearbox does not work. And another thing: Is it correctly hooked with the car trailer? Because if you can’t carry loads, this mod is not suitable for ETS 2

  5. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – FiAT TOFAŞ Murat124 (HacıMurat)

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