Fin Police and Ambulance AI Cars v 2.2.2

Fin-Police-and-Ambulance-AI-Cars-v-2.2.2-1 Fin-Police-and-Ambulance-AI-Cars-v-2.2.2-2 Fin-Police-and-Ambulance-AI-Cars-v-2.2.2-3

Here is police Car, ambulance, toll and milkitary police car from finland, olso new police car desing.
Fixed speed and speed_class and mb police car pmg format.
One new car Skoda
Tested 1.16 version

Authors: Oswald, Baaouich


5 Responses to Fin Police and Ambulance AI Cars v 2.2.2

  1. Theosz says:


  2. El_Saam says:


  3. Zack says:

    How to get those cars like where to buy them ?

  4. niknor2015 says:

    ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, Сделайте так же и для НОВЫХ версий 1.21х?

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