Fix ETS2 1.35.x of Scania 143m by Ekualizer

Hello here I bring the fix of the Ekualizar Scania 143m mod for ETS2 version 1.35.x.

To work you need the original mod:


1. Download the original mod and activate it
2. Place the fix just above the original mod and activate it.
3. Enjoy



12 thoughts on “Fix ETS2 1.35.x of Scania 143m by Ekualizer

  1. what was wrong with it? i have the last version by equalizer and it works fine?

    1. Hi squirrel:

      The problem I don’t know but in my game every time I selected the original truck the game crash me, then I saw in the game log that it was a problem of some mod files that were obsolete that’s why this fix contains the new files so the game doesn’t crash.

      Friendly greetings 🙂

  2. Ekualizer does not need this update.
    I think that Ekualizer will no longer update this truck, because many people have tried to modify the truck without his permission, he has always regularly updated all his trucks for all versions of the game, the last Iveco turbostar for V 1.35

    1. The fact that Ekualizer does not update mods does not mean that they cannot be modified or updated.

      In fact the mods are not private because they are created with SCS Software code, SCS Software said it a long time ago in its social networks.

      1. Ok your reasoning may be right, too
        I think it is not correct to modify a mod created from the beginning and at the end of another author.
        I’ll give you just one example, AU44 for these reasons has no longer updated the Scania R700 many have tried to modify it but it has no longer worked properly.
        However don’t get angry and just my thoughts.

        1. I’m not angry 🙂 I don’t get angry

  3. where can i find the orginal mod for scania 143??

  4. I want the Scania 143M with cables for 1.36 but can’t find it, does anyone know

  5. ScaniaLilja16

    Hello Guys Is there a Version of that truck with fixed mirrors?

  6. Terrible sounds

    Does this fix those terrible truck sounds? I just hate this truck pipe sounds, i need orginal 143 sounds, because those souds are the best.

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