Fix for a Truck Renault Range T v 1.0

Fix for truck Renault Range T on the game version 1.31.x
Put above the main mode



6 Responses to Fix for a Truck Renault Range T v 1.0

  1. f3mti says:

    Hello, there is a problem with big right mirror, can you fix this too? thanks

  2. scaniatrucker73 says:

    Why release a fix for a stolen mod?

  3. Kirtok says:

    Чего именно коснулись исправления?

  4. Luigi says:

    Right mirror sucks,and the truck laaaaaaaaaaaags liiiiiike heeeeeeeell

  5. Arthur Vince says:

    Stolen mod, REPORTED

  6. amonrada says:

    rta Renault with poor fps

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