Fix for Kamaz Truck Polar v 1.0

Fix for the truck Kamaz “Polar” on the game version 1.31.х
Put above the main mode



8 thoughts on “Fix for Kamaz Truck Polar v 1.0

    1. Stabon-Strapon

      sdonbass18 Please make a fix on DAF XT. Please reply.

      1. sdonbass18

        By reference there is no file, if I find, I will do

        1. Stabon-Strapon

          Thank you for having responded to my comment and responded to my request. I’ll wait with impatience. You are a good person and a modeller. Thank you

          1. sdonbass18

            You can download the fix to DAF XT, it’s already downloaded

  1. Why make a fix if there is a full mod? Here

    1. sdonbass18

      Vlad, some users asked fixes not to download a large file

  2. Because they are fools and this clever one takes advantage of them.

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