Fix for the Truck Scania Concept v 1.0

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Fix for the operation of the truck Scania Concept on the version of the game 1.31.x
Put above the main mode



10 thoughts on “Fix for the Truck Scania Concept v 1.0

  1. 现在下载

  2. bonjour. ne fonctionne pas. plantage du jeux quand on veux l’acheter au concrétionnaire.

  3. Hello. does not work. crash of the game when we want to buy it to the concrétionnaire.

  4. sdonbass18 Tear off your hands. Flight to your desktop!

    1. sdonbass18


  5. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here 😀

  6. JacksMafia

    more engines and chassis needed now

    1. JacksMafia

      also there is an error in the left mirror

  7. Well I downloaded the fix and truck but I can’t find it at the store help me?

  8. silverfox

    work very well ! thnx!

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