Fix for Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 7.8.1

Fixed crash with container trailers.
Replace the same files in your mod folder.


DOWNLOAD 784 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 784 KB [Modsbase]

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21 thoughts on “Fix for Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 7.8.1

  1. still crash in my game 🙁 but still loving your works 🙂

    NB : 783KB in this fix, but 784MO in the link for download in sharemods (it’s done a link to part3 of your mod)

    1. Agree, hard to work out what’s going on here!

      1. there is so many things in that (wonderfull community) works, need test and restests to be done !

        i’m sure it will perfect soon !

        1. maybe add MegaEuropackSkins all in one skins in pack

          1. not yet tested ! but i still believe in jizzycat packs, and waiting since sardinia 1.35 his new adapted version of this pack, to have spice and funny trailers,

            so the truck pack work perfectly, and when we saw the full white scania T or the C280 Renault it gives chills i’m loving it loool

    2. rui ribeiro

      still crash in my game ? but still loving your works ?

  2. DutchWaveTV

    Works fine for me

  3. Game crash – log:
    [model] Unknown look named ‘default’ in model ‘/vehicle/t_jazzycat/food_jtz/food_jtz01.pmc’

  4. Game crashed:

    [model] Unknown look named ‘default’ in model ‘/vehicle/t_jazzycat/fuel_cistern_jg/fuel_jg.pmc’

    1. sure, the “Esso” fuel cistern crashs textures, the road and many other textures become black !

      .. told if it can help

    2. silverfox

      Getting this error too.

  5. António Gonçalves


  6. leonpeonleon

    I see purple lines and non textured roads and container trailers with no texture so it is invisible.

  7. Crashing for me as well.

  8. Still getting crashes:
    [model] Unknown look named ‘default’ in model ‘/vehicle/t_jazzycat/food_jtz/food_jtz01.pmc’.

  9. I Get This Crash Too

    [model] Unknown look named ‘default’ in model ‘/vehicle/t_jazzycat/food_jtz/food_jtz01.pmc’

  10. AndersonXr3

    Some trailer textures are not showing correctly runing the game on Directx11 mode

  11. Working perfect. Be sure you replace the 3rd part with this fix and remove the rus or eng file as you prefer. I have all packs of jazzycat updated to 1.35 and all is working like a charm. Thank you!

  12. Yeah i confirm, only crash in DX11 mode.

    1. silverfox

      Crashed in DX9 for me

  13. António Gonçalves

    In my case a good time after playing the game crash and I already put the last part3 FIX with ENG language :S :S
    Still love the jazzycat mods 😀

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