Fix for Truck DAF XT Rework v 1.0

Fix for the truck DAF XT Rework on the game version 1.31.х
Put above the main mode



22 thoughts on “Fix for Truck DAF XT Rework v 1.0

    1. Stabon-Strapon

      Sdonbass18 Thank you very much, You are the best Modder

      1. At this sdonbass18 he is Max Yushchenko, Max, Stabon, Donbassic, Saturn and can even more nicknames, there is no concept in moddind, he even can not register a truck in a car dealership normally. He is ###### and earns money on file races for which inexperienced users are being conducted. Google translator, I hope you understand me do not download his mods !

  1. SiMoN3 ETS2

    can’t find in delear

    1. Даже такую хрень нормально сделать не может.

      @SiMoN3 ETS2, try my version of the fix

      1. sdonbass18

        Перед загрузкой проверялось(делался короткий рейс),сейчас заново скачал и проверил,всё работает. По твоей ссылке скачал при покупке вылет(чистый тестовый профиль),купил со второго раза не через онлайн,а при прямом посещении салона

        1. Думаю, ты врешь. Почему?
          1. Без проверки с покупкой трака я такие вещи в общак не кладу.
          2. Мой фикс скачан 24 раза, ни одной рекламации.
          Кроме твоей, конечно))

    2. sdonbass18

      Фикс поставили выше тягача?

      1. Stabon-Strapon

        Sdonbass18 Could you register this truck in the ATS? Very harmonious would look “big”, a Dutchman in the USA. Sorry for my perseverance, thank you friend.

  2. Sdonbass, just like Saouza, is a thief of mods! Do not waste your time explaining to them that nothing works because it literally makes fun of the community! The best thing is to ignore them, since the managers of the site do not seem to be disturbed by impostors kids!

    1. sdonbass18

      I make great mods, what are you implying about?

      1. AzoraxModdingGaming

        first of all they arent your mods you only change the dealer files WITHOUT PERMISSION and pass the mods off as your own

        1. Exactly!

  3. I do not know English so I will use a translator. The truck I like and it worked perfectly, but still has much to improve, for example the personalization that is very small, has only 1 interior, has few options of transmissions and engines, correct the cables and add some animations to the interior.
    If the author makes those improvements this will be a great mod.

  4. sdonbass18

    Why people hate my mods? They are the best so I continue to work on the mods.

    1. lol. your mods are the best ??

      1. sdonbass18

        August 2, 2018 at 06:40 : It’s not I wrote, half of what is written here – one person writes from different accounts (different nicknames)

      2. best b u l l s h 1 t

        1. His keyboard writes alone, and his mods are conceived automatically!
          Welcome to the world of donbass bisounours! 😀

    2. You make only fix of old mods 😐

  5. Что конкретно даёт этот фикс? Сам грузовик и без него работает на 1.31. Хотелось бы по конкретнее узнать что он изменил. Шланги на этом грузовике не соединяются с трейлером, такая же ситуация и с daf crawler.

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