Fix for truck Freightliner Classic XL version 1.0

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Fix for the Freightliner Classic XL truck on the for works version 1.31.x
Put above the main mode

P.S .: There are two types of fixation in the archive:
-First for Freightliner Classic XL – whose dealer Iveco
-second for Freightliner Classic XL – whose Renault dealer



8 thoughts on “Fix for truck Freightliner Classic XL version 1.0

  1. it’s need add trailer cables for Classic XL….

  2. It needs nothing… 🙁

    Here is still ETS2, not ATS.
    I cannot understand, what is happens with a ETS2 Site.
    More and more S–t is coming up.
    That a Reason, why we we do nothing for the Moment. 🙁

    1. Trailer cables asking…

  3. We need trailer cables and more bumpers more mufflers, accessories period. we need a classic like vipers pete with so many accessories ;-;

    1. I agree!!! second that… so need trailer cables….

      1. Like god #### stop being slow asses and do it already

  4. hello
    no mod activated, game crash sorry

  5. Game crash, too… #### Mod… Are you testing what you are uploading?

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