Fix for TSM 6.6.2

Playing TSM 6.6.2 I have seen in the gamelog that the map had a fault in the file 2_t_small_5a_oneway_mirr.ppd since the version of this file is old in relation to the version that uses the original map of ETS2.

For this reason here I bring you the updated version of the file 2_t_small_5a_oneway_mirr.ppd

This file must be placed above the file TSM 6.6.2_prefab & more.scs

I hope you find it useful, regards



9 Responses to Fix for TSM 6.6.2

  1. John Fazackerley says:

    Do i still need italy dlc? Cant use your map now because i havant got italy dlc

    • BlackStorm says:

      @John Fazackerley Yes, you need the follows DLCs: Going East, Scandinavia, Vive la France and Italy because TSM Map 6.6.2 requires it. If any of the previous DLCs are missing, the map doesn´t work sorry

  2. lucky82 says:

    u can also download all dlc for free including special transport dlc.Search on you tube i have everything now,tsm,pro mods u name it for free

  3. ets2 mods lover says:

    It does the tsm map need the original version of the game to work well or the hacked version is enough???

    • BlackStorm says:

      I don´t know try it on your hacked version, in my original Steam game version works well

  4. Marcin says:

    Niestety, ale wywala do windowsa w chwili gdy klikam na przycisk z napisem JAZDA.

  5. toni says:

    Your map is not compatible with v
    answer please

  6. barros says:

    das ist ein fälschung tsm karte ist völlig in ordnung

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