Fix Honda Civic 2017 typeR and Civic Fc5

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2017 Honda Civic TypeR & Civic FC5
-Two cab options (civic FC5 & typeR)
-the vehicles have their own original rims (both original factory’s own ratios civic & typer)
-for motor voices available (typeR and civic FC5)
-special exhaust sound for the two
-original interior
-Cabin accessory
-Cabin light
-Appears on all brands ( gallery )

Do Not Edit Car !
Do Not Reupload !
Do Not Change Link !

1.32 Fix: Jorgent97
Work in 1.31

Activate the car first, then enable the fix.

Car: BurakTuna24 , Batuhan Narli
Fix: Jorgent97

BurakTuna24 , Batuhan Narlı, Jorgent97


4 thoughts on “Fix Honda Civic 2017 typeR and Civic Fc5

  1. JGaming HD


  2. Dealer not fixed, my game is crashing.

    1. My game crash also when i go to the dealer.

  3. nao aparece em nenhum concessonaria

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