Fix Industrial Zone v 2.0

Fix the industrial zone for connection
“Russian Spaces v4.0″ + RusMap-1.7 .3+ ProMods-2.17 ”
“Russian Spaces v4.0” + RusMap-1.7.3
This supplement connects overland way two maps “Russian Spaces” and “RusMap”
Between the maps are made two industrial zones, where there are many companies. In the new industrial zone there are roads with poor asphalt surface.
In fix, there are two new companies that will be in the new version of the card. Also there are new interesting cargoes, which have never been seen anywhere else.



One Response to Fix Industrial Zone v 2.0

  1. BillyZeKat says:

    where place the mod ? before or after the PM_RM conexion ?
    Thanks !

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