Fix Kriechbaum Sound V8 for Scania R800



This is the fix for the Kriechbaum V8 sound compatible with the engine R800 for RJL

Use this fix if aveta Lux Accessories Created by Me

Do not reupload and respect my work, THANKS

Authors: Sn00ky89, Kriechbaum, SCS


5 Responses to Fix Kriechbaum Sound V8 for Scania R800

  1. Trucker_bob says:


  2. LoVVered says:

    Hello,Sn00ky89. I use Alexander Swift’s Sound (V8 Euro 6), and with last version of your mod (with 800hp engine) there is default sound,not that like in the mod, only engine start sound is from Alexa’s mod (I use 730hp engine with euro6 eco standarts). Please, create also fix for this sound mod ( Thanks realy much) Keep up the hard work…

  3. zoso says:

    Ciao Sn00ky89 bravo io non ho riscontrato problemi otiimo lavoro.
    Tu consci OveRTRucK?
    anche lui è molto bravo è anche come persona come te
    lui e mio amico.
    ciao ciaoz

  4. jimmy says:

    i do not get the sound
    wat order should the mod go ?

  5. tishan says:

    I did not get the sound either Help PLZ

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