Fix More Traffic and more Trucks for v 1.20/1.22

Fix-More-Traffic-and-more-Trucks-1 Fix-More-Traffic-and-more-Trucks-2

For right work give this mod highest priority _ put it at the top of the mods list.

This mod improve massively the ammount of traffic and trucks in the game.

The traffic density is the same and it adds much more trucks in traffic and highways.

Compatibility: version 1.22

Tested: promods jazzycat packages _ and others.

Author: seleselenia

DOWNLOAD 4 KB [Mediafire]

13 thoughts on “Fix More Traffic and more Trucks for v 1.20/1.22

  1. christophe

    super magnifique fonction a merveille la class merci

    super beautiful function perfectly the class thank you

  2. BRAVA! funziona benenissimo ( ma anche la vecchia versione) Thanks.
    Volevo dirti che nella mia ultima skin ti ho fatto fare da seconda autista, spero non ti abbia dato fastidio ??
    ti auguro un Buon 2016?
    ciao ciaoz

  3. JennyV8Girl

    Nice mod :).

    Only downside to the intersections it’s very long. 🙁 too much people. ^^

    Sorry for my english is not very good.

  4. Will this mod work with

  5. TheDutchRelax

    yes it wil work on 1.21 also

  6. I must say that I am thrilled to continue that way. thank you

  7. This is real thing. Thanks man!

  8. you can do it the next time so make the lights turn a little faster and not always individually. otherwise everything top

  9. TruckZone

    dude at least you should ask me to edit the mod !!!

  10. Do this mod add new trucks in traffic too?
    Daf E6
    Mercedes MP4
    and …………………
    please make a mod to add all of the paints of the game to the trucks in traffic. its very necessary .the original paints are very beautiful

  11. GN10Gaming


  12. Thanks man!! you are an angle. i was searching for traffic mod for many weeks but you help me. anyone who wants an excellent traffic mod. install this, i am telling you this is completely real!!! believe me!!!!

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